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You have only one life and one health
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Autor Wróblewska Violetta
Rok wydania2018
Format15,0 x 21,0 cm
Liczba stron439
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You have only one life and one health. Therefore it is crucial to spend the time that has been given to us in the wisest way possible - a way which is the most life-enriching, useful, beneficial and helpful to us and to others.

Because of inner resistance, reluctance to change and the lack of knowledge of what really counts in life, people resort to taking care of many things which don’t give them any pleasure. Furthermore, these things only give rise to long- term suffering, preoccupation, sadness, exhaustion, feeling overburdened with problems, burnout, fatigue, tribulations, disappointments, and physical and mental illnesses.

Every single person, regardless of their age, gender, education or occupation, will find what is valuable and useful in their own life in this book. It is not worth waiting with introducing changes. In fact, the more you neglect a given area of life the more effort it takes later to: get back on your feet, recover from your depression, liberate yourself from: violence, toxic people, traumatic memories, the burden of your past, addictions, illnesses or considerable body tensions; the more difficult it is to start believing in yourself
and in living a reasonable, meaningful life, to put it back in order and restore harmony in it, rebuild your relationship with your wife, husband or partner or tobuild them anew, re-bond with your children, give up on your workaholism, etc.
The entire book is an answer to challenging questions about life. It gently encourages the reader to gain an insight into their own life. Here are questions that you may find easier to answer after reading book and becoming familiar with words of wisdom, life prescriptions, stories, educational mottos and quotes you can find there:

- How to open up for love for ourselves and others despite having been broken-hearted in the past?
- What is, and what is not, loving oneself and other people?
- Why is it a good idea to trust God and to build with Him a new, higher dimension in life?
- Why is it worth overcoming difficulties with our faith, trust, humility, patience, gentleness, courage and hope instead of resorting to pride, arrogance, haughtiness, conceitedness and being cold-hearted?
- How to nurture our hope and courage in forgiving ourselves and others?
- Why can life crises be read as an encouragement and invitation or even a cry for change?
- In what kinds of families do children feel best and what is it worth teaching our children?
- How to take care of our health to be as fit as a fiddle?
- How to make your diet comply with both the biblical rules and the results of the most recent academic research and where do both those areas overlap?
- How to eat and what to eat in order to ward off colds and keep our optimal weight?
- What food products are the healthiest and the most nutritious?
- How to find ourselves in a busy world and not to lose too much energy every day?
- How to replenish the energy we lose to get through the day?
- How to deal with stress and tiredness in everyday life?
- How to do our daily physical exercise to keep our body relatively flexible?
- What kind of job might we find rewarding and where should our professional objectives come from?
- How to cope with fear and anger?
- What thoughts and beliefs are not beneficial for us and how to control our thoughts?
- What is good and conscious life?
- How to slow down?

You can also buy this book in the Polish language version. Her title is
“Życie i zdrowie masz tylko jedno”.

Violetta Wróblewska, Ph.D. - In recent years, she has been working as a psychologist, a personal development trainer, a psycho-coach and a university lecturer. She applies her unique, effective therapies when working with her clients. Her passions include health, self-improvement and spiritual development; moreover, she explores and propagates healthy lifestyles. She is the originator of the psycho-medical-spiritual lifestyle, or the art of combining one’s individual life experience with the latest scientific advancements in psychology, spirituality and medicine in order to live a healthier and happier lifestyle and attain inner peace. Violetta Wróblewska also cooperates with the media as a commentator on issues such as psychology and health. She has published numerous articles in academic journals and the popular press.

Data dodania produktu: 05 styczeń 2019.
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